Adam and Eve by Gustav Klimt

Adam and Eve by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt is an artist who initiated the modernist style in Austria. Most of his works belong to this style.

His paintings have very bright color combinations, many of the pictures are recognizable to this day. Each of his paintings has its own features and details, which make them long to consider. The fact is that Klimt’s canvases are filled with beauty and passion.

The artist’s style is extraordinarily beautiful. You can recall the painting “Kiss”, one of the most famous paintings of this artist. The first glance does not so rush at the kissers as on their clothes, which shines with gold and wonderful patterns. “Adam and Eve” is the continuation of the “Kiss”, but contains more frankness.

As usual, the picture is dominated by a woman, men in Klimt’s paintings always recede into the background, playing the role of scenery for gorgeous girls. The viewer sees only the face and shoulders of Adam, his legs are covered with the skin of a leopard. Adam looks worn out and sad, because of this we can conclude that the picture depicts a couple after their sin. Eve, on the other hand, looks very calm and content, flowers grow at her feet.

This picture artist wanted to remind people about the origin of women. The body of Adam resembles the color of clay, which recalls the legend in which a man was created from the earth, and a woman from a male rib. Klimt painted it in his own way: the hands of Adam and Eve seem to merge into one whole-this is the symbol of their unity.

In Soviet times, our country knew nothing about Gustav Klimt and his paintings. At that time they were known only to specialists. All this was due to the fact that his paintings contain a lot of eroticism and frankness. His paintings appeared before the society of our country only after the perestroika and the collapse of the USSR. At the same time our Klimt was recognized as a genius painter. He created not so many paintings as other artists of that time, but all his paintings are masterpieces of world painting.

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