Virgins by Gustav Klimt

Virgins by Gustav Klimt

The painting “Virgin” refers to the last period of Klimt’s work, when the artist began to abandon his own artsy decorative style. On the canvas of 1913, this transition is already noticeable: Klimt chose a dark background for the picture and went to the palette of the colors used. Comparing with his previous work, overcrowded life and passion, it can be noted that the “Virgin” does not seem to hang, but rather calm.

Static, at first glance, the picture tells us the whole story: the girl turns into a woman. This painter depicts this process through the sleep of a young girl, surrounded by half-naked women, as if from her dream.

In them you can see the gleam of the former heroine of Klimt – the fatal woman from the pictures “Judith” or “Danae”, but now the women inclined and turned away in oblivion look pacified and touching. This is confirmed by the purposely used contrast between the softly written faces of women and the coarse cloth covering that hides their bodies.

Female figures, woven on the spinning and falling in the abyss of the bed, “crowned” as if a figure of a young girl, but she looks happy and calm. Not in vain in the painting of cloth covered Klimt again uses spirals – a symbol of infinity and immortality. A woman for him is the source of eternal life, which the girl depicted in the picture does not yet realize herself.

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