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New descriptions of paintings

Hunter by Philip Peter Roos

Philip Peter Roos was born in Frankfurt am Main and studied painting with his father, the artist Johann Hendrik Roos. In 1677, Philip Roos came to Rome and worked here

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Hunters on a halt by Vasily Perov

Vasily Perov was an avid hunter, so the topic of hunting in his works is very common. Such canvases with speaking names like “Fisherman”, “Golubyatnik”, “Bird-eaters”, “Hunters in Halt” became

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New Moscow by Yuri Pimenov

The famous Soviet artist Pimenov, Yuri Ivanovich, created a whole series of works on Moscow subjects. Most of all from this series I was struck by the picture “New Moscow”.

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Kiss by Pablo Picasso

The picture “Kiss” is rightfully attributed to one of the best works of the late period of Picasso. Hyperbolic faces merged in a kiss… Everything here is exaggerated – eyes,

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Noble Slav by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Rembrandt deeply grasped the nature of man: any portrait belonging to his hand is the true biography of a once-living real person. At the same time, each unique individuality in

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Buddha winner by Nicholas Roerich

Painting “Buddha the winner” in front of the source of life. Buddha Siddhartha Gautama – prince of the Shakya clan in North India. One of his names is Shakya Muni,

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