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Bison hunting by Charles Craig

American civilization is the youngest in the world. How, in fact, it originated? After the discovery of H. Columbus and A. Vespucci, adventurers, adventurers, outspoken crooks and simply “dark” people

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Return of the herd by Fedor Vasilyev

For the painting “The Return of the Flock” Fedor Vasilyev receives the first prize of four hundred rubles at the competition of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists. From

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Celebes by Max Ernst

Art critics consider this picture the first big surrealist painting by Ernst. Her idea was born to the artist when he saw in the photograph in an anthropological journal a

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In the vault by Jan Vermeer

Painting of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer Delftsky “In the Vault”. The size of the picture is 143 x 130 cm, canvas, oil. In the mid-fifties of the 17th century,

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The Crucifixion by Sandro Botticelli

Even less traditionally, the “Crucifixion” of Botticelli, not in vain called “mystical.” Unlike the leading idea of “Christmas” – “Florence must be saved” – in the “Mystical Crucifixion” the motive

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Charity by Joachim Ethewal

Painting by artist Joachim Eyteval “Mercy”. The size of the picture is 83 x 73 cm, canvas, oil. Charity is a property of character that determines a constant moral pattern

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