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Family Portrait by Nicola de Largillera

Nicolas de Largilliers entered the history of French art as a portrait painter, although sometimes the artist also applied to the landscape. He perfectly mastered the art of the formal

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The first snow by Arkady Plastov

In the works of Arkady Plastov one can see with the naked eye the genuine love of rural life, the peasantry; many of his works are devoted to this topic.

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Jewish cemetery by Jacob van Ruisdal

A distinctive feature of Reisdal’s mature creativity is the saturation of paintings with drama. His canvases are no longer just a contemplation of the surrounding world, like the canvases of

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Moscow evening by Tatyana Nazarenko

Tatyana Nazarenko is one of the artists at the turn of the epochs, who worked during the Soviet Union and successfully transferred her gift as a banner to modern Russia.

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Return of the Prodigal Son by Guercino

Barochny master Gverchino repeatedly turned to the evangelical parable of the prodigal son, interpreting it with all the passion inherent in the painters of this artistic direction. In this picture,

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Storm. Rain by Isaac Levitan

The picture was written by the author in 1899, it can be considered the last great work of a famous artist. The viewer in front of him sees the cold

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Pieta (Pieta) by Salvador Dali

The painting was written by Salvador Dali in 1987, two years before his death. After the death of his wife, the artist was in deep depression, from which he did

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Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso

In 1937, while working on the famous “Guernica”, Picasso painted several paintings depicting the head of a sobbing woman. One of the figures “Guernica” represents a sobbing woman with a

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Bust of A. A. Ivanov by Luigi Guglielmi

The portrait is executed according to the drawing of the architect SA Ivanov, the artist’s brother. Ivanov Alexander Andreevich is a painter and draftsman, the author of paintings on historical

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