Several circles by Vasily Kandinsky

In the early 20-ies, after returning from Russia to Germany, Kandinsky’s works acquire characteristic geometricity, on the canvas becomes more space, the element gives way to order. Fascinated by the

Monkey Artist by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Fashion for paintings, and objects of decorative art with images of monkeys appeared in France in the late XVII century. Most often, the artists wrote monkeys dressed in a human

Henrietta Moraes in red by Francis Bacon

Etude “Henrietta Moraes in red” – one of the few female portraits of the English artist Francis Bacon. If Bacon’s early works are rather dark, then in the future they

Farmer by Guy Johnson

Stunning by the force of psychological impact, the picture of the American artist Guy Johnson “Farmer.” Portrait of a man against the background of worldly drama – burnt farm, wasteland,

St. Jerome in the cell by Albrecht Durer

“Saint Jerome in the Cell” – the third engraving in the famous series Three “Workshop Engravings” on copper. St. Jerome in the cell is an allegorical depiction of the contemplative

Opera beggars by William Hogarth

The painting depicts a scene from the comedy of John Gaia, a famous poet and playwright, whose story was prompted by Swift. The scandalous glory of the opera was connected

Allegory of Poetry and Music by Angelika Kaufman

Painting by the Swiss artist Angelica Kaufman “Allegory of Poetry and Music.” The diameter of the picture is 61 cm, canvas, oil. Kaufman, as a representative of the Rococo and

Portrait of Count N. Sheremetev by Orest of Kiprensky

Count Dmitry Nikolaevich Sheremetev is the son of Count N. Sheremetev and serf actress, the “prima” of the Sheremetevsky Theater, which played under the name of Praskovia Zhemchugova. SHEREMETEV DMITRIY

Arrival in another world by Denny Flynn

Fantastic images of the messengers of other planets are born in the artist’s head incomprehensible to the average person. This is what the English artist Denny Flynn pictured to a

Portrait of GG Gagarin by Karl Bryullov

Gagarin Grigory Grigoryevich – an amateur artist; the son of the Russian envoy in Rome, Prince GI Gagarin. From 1826 he was in the diplomatic service. In the 1820s he