The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The painting “The Kiss” is one of the most famous works of Gustav Klimt. It refers to the “golden” period of the artist’s work and fully reflects all the features of this stage. The name “golden” is primarily associated with the technique of the work, which prevailed at that time. Klimt has used shades of gold, he worked with gold leaf. In accordance with this, the predominant color in the painting “The Kiss” is golden. Such tone occupies a large portion of the web.

The picture is symbolic and even somewhat sketchy. The plot is pretty simple. two figures standing on the edge of a cliff depicted in the center of the canvas. The man leaned over to the woman, to kiss her. A pair of completely separated from all that surrounds it, young people are passionate about each other. It is noteworthy that none of the items are no longer visible, they simply do not. And the audience is somewhat aloof, detached observer.

Original paintings and unusual shapes integrity. It seems that the man and woman came together, become one. However, the author still divided them using various ornaments. Moreover, the researchers point out that patterns are selected in accordance with the artist characters floor. The figure shows a man with clear, strict forms and shades. The woman is highlighted by a soft, refined ornamentation.

The background picture is also made with golden hues. Blotches of color reminiscent of twinkling stars. This effect emphasizes the feeling that the characters are not just on the edge of a cliff, but on the edge of the universe, one in the whole world. This impression is reinforced as smooth a flow of some lines and shapes in others.

The painting “The Kiss” is allocated in the general number of works by Klimt. Most of his paintings devoted to the nude, in the “Kiss” depicts the love chaste, tender, special attention is paid to clothing. However, popular during the time of the creation of the painting, Freud’s theory is still reflected in the web.

Characteristically, those heroes of paintings the artist has paid little attention. If the woman’s face can be seen the audience, men hidden face. However, the intensity of the senses, a storm of emotions felt in the attitude of lovers. Noteworthy detached figure of a woman who breathes humility and passionate, trembling figure of a man.

The researchers suggest that the basis of the painting “The Kiss” of the artist’s autobiography. It is believed that as a woman, Klimt embodies traits Emilia FLEG, which played an important role in the life of the artist.

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