Goldfish by Gustav Klimt

Goldfish by Gustav Klimt

This picture Klimt wrote at a time when the passion raged around his frescos, performed for the Great Hall of the University of Vienna. It was thought of as a kind of conceptual answer, as evidenced by its original name: “To My Critics”. Most noticeable on this canvas is a naked female figure written in a sexual pose.

The artist chooses a camera angle that allows you to bring the woman’s buttocks closer to the viewer. Obviously, this is the gesture of the master, addressed to critics. Klimt shocked the conservatively thinking public, consciously going to a scandal. The scandal broke out.


Klimt decided to show the just-finished picture in Dusseldorf, demands were made to remove this painting, as it could shock the members of the royal family who were planning to visit the opening of the exhibition. These were the years of the most violent attacks on the artist; in 1903 even the book “Against Klimt” was published, which gathered the sharpest critical reviews about the artist and his works.

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