Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt

If in the work “Judith and Holofernes” Adel Bloch-Bauer performed under the pseudonym of Judith, then in this picture she is herself. All the features that distinguish the “golden period”

Theater of Taormina by Gustav Klimt

Taormina is a historical city on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, halfway between Messina and Catania. Us. 10,863 inhabitants. . A Greek settlement called Taurromania originated on the shores

Adam and Eve by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt is an artist who initiated the modernist style in Austria. Most of his works belong to this style. His paintings have very bright color combinations, many of the

Virgins by Gustav Klimt

The painting “Virgin” refers to the last period of Klimt’s work, when the artist began to abandon his own artsy decorative style. On the canvas of 1913, this transition is

Naked truth by Gustav Klimt

Many works of Gustav Klimt were very scandalous because of excessive eroticism and depravity. He was a fair lover of women. Perhaps it was this that gave such a shade

Athena Pallada by Gustav Klimt

In 1889, in Austria was opened the exhibition of the Vienna Secession, one of the founders of which was the famous modern artist Gustav Klimt. The artists created this association

Water snakes II by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt – one of the brightest representatives of Austrian Art Nouveau – had in his arsenal many techniques to enrich the supply of his own paintings. Thanks to the

Field of poppies by Gustav Klimt

Landscape scenes such as “Field of Poppies”, “Sunflowers”, “Beech Forest” or “Birch Grove” are similar to tapestries, in which Klimt introduces a sense of rhythm, creating a repeating pattern, grouping

Music by Gustav Klimt

The year of the creation of this picture is the year of the turning point in the artistic fate of Klimt. Pseudo-realism is overcome before our eyes, giving way to

Birch Forest by Gustav Klimt

For the first time, Klimt turned to landscape painting when he was over 30 years old. His landscapes he wrote during the summer holidays. Despite the rather late fascination with

Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Painting Gustav Klimt “Kiss” belongs to the “golden” period of the artist’s work. This segment of his activity is called “golden” for good reason. It was in the second half

Fable by Gustav Klimt

Austrian painter Gustav Klimt is considered one of the first who glorified and “introduced” the Art Nouveau style into Austrian painting. Despite the dryness of the letter and originality, Klimt

Tragedy by Gustav Klimt

Klimt was one of the best draftsmen of his time. He often performed preliminary sketches and sketches for his paintings, but among his drawings there are many independent works. For