Water snakes by Gustav Klimt

Water snakes by Gustav Klimt

Most of Gustav Klimt’s paintings are filled with gold, which captivates with its brilliance and luxury. There is a version that his love for gilding appeared after his visit to Ravenna, where he was blinded by the beauty of gold, he sank into his soul and gave no peace, this was the reason that Klimt’s paintings are full of his radiance. Upon returning home, Gustav immediately began painting “Water Snake I”, in which gold was to emphasize the beauty of the stunning underwater kingdom. And, of course, this picture is not devoid of the image of beautiful beautiful girls.

The picture shows two young golden-haired girls. Their hair is one of the key moments of the entire canvas, it is they that enhance the eroticity and sensuality of this plot. This attribute of female beauty was portrayed by many famous artists, but only Klimt depicted them in this manner. “Snake” locks symbolize a hidden threat.

Like all Klimtovskie beauties, these girls have chic beautiful bodies. Beautiful features, white smooth skin, you can admire them endlessly, but the name of the work gives a sign that beauty can always hide lies and evil.

The underwater world of these seductresses is beautiful and mysterious, like themselves, but even a large amount of gold, such a warm color, can not hide all the cold emanating from their atmosphere. This world can be admired for a long time. These girls have happiness, although in their own way. They will not seek someone else’s love for thousands of miles, they are already next to each other.

In this picture, Klimt, as always, did not do without complicated patterns and ornaments. The hair of the girls looks alive, they are intertwined with algae. A complex and rich background looks like a part of a gigantic magical creature.

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