Adele Bloch Bauer by Gustav Klimt

Adele Bloch Bauer by Gustav Klimt

“Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I» – painting by Gustav Klimt. Also known as “Golden Adele” or “Austrian Mona Lisa.” The painting is considered one of the most significant paintings of Klimt and the Austrian Art Nouveau in general.

His face and hands, realistically painted in cool colors are dominant in the visual perception of the painting, standing out against other elements, executed ornamental. fabric composition is divided into two vertical parts: the right shows Adele Bloch-Bauer, the left side is almost empty and contains only a hint of the interior.

The lower third of the canvases fill the hem of her dress. Gustav Klimt gave up a promising image depth in the picture, giving preference to the flatness. Ornamental gold background sketched symbols displaces space on the back burner. Walls, chair and dress the model just two-dimensional figures are located nearby.

Detectable when we look graceful female figure sitting in a chair. Free space above and below it there, it takes up the entire vertical picture. The image of the head seems to be cut off at the top. Black, cleaned top hair and a disproportionately large red mouth contrasted with extremely pale, almost white and blue carnation. The woman is holding the grip in a dynamic bending hands in front of chest and looking directly at the viewer, than the gain of the visual impact achieved.

Above the figure of body hugging dresses shawl thrown over. It flows, extending the hands to the bottom edge of the picture. There is also dominated by gold tones. Neckline dress is decorated with a thin border of the rectangles and broad band with a double row of triangles. Then use the pattern of randomly arranged stylized buds, inscribed in the triangles.

Shroud with an ornament from spirals-leaf shapes and barely marked folds seems a little lighter dresses. Chair, also in gold, stands out only because of the figure of the spirals – on it completely lacks any shadows, midtones or contours. A small light green-green floor fragment makes an accent color to the overall scheme and helps stabilize the figure.

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