Danae by Gustav Klimt

Danae by Gustav Klimt

The erotic painting “Danae” belongs to the brush of Gustav Klimt – a representative of the modernist trend in world painting. In addition to the picturesque and historical value, the canvas has a unique, frank interpretation of the mythological plot and, in truth, the author’s peculiar view of the mystery of the love affair between the female and the male.

Danae and Zeus, as heroes of the plots, were used by artists and writers Too often in their works to surprise the sophisticated spectator. However, Klimt managed to give his Danai a capacious but frank account of the rain, which Zeus appeared to his beloved, a golden spray with a splotch of seed and a sleepy confluence, imperceptible to the daughter of Akrisia, imprisoned in a copper prison.

Klimt “destroyed” the long prelude, giving life to the stage of fertilization of the sleeping Danae. Unlike classical canvases, for example Tintoretto “Danaya and Golden Rain” or Rembrandt “Danae”, Klimt’s Danae is full of eroticism and inviting sexuality. Her full hips are tightly compressed, hiding her bosom, bare chest reminds of her youth – resilient, like an apple, a pliant brush of the author.

Sleep is not broken, but I want to assume that the girl is well… Oil flowing and dense lay on the canvas as delicious as a creamy mass on a loaf of bread. Its structure in conjunction with the gold “rain” is shaded to gloss and resembles a pastel letter. In general, the picture is represented by a torn piece from a long story about the tortures of a prisoner and the mystery of Perseus’ conception.

To write the prison cold, the author chose rather warm colors – wine and brown-crimson shades. Danae is written with pale vanilla and orange paint for the contrast of tangled hair. The work turned out to be warm and languorous at the same time. Along with the denseness of the prison, there is silence and sweetness from the night sleep and the golden insomnia of the masculine.

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