Stream in the forest. Siverskaya by Ivan Shishkin

Stream in the forest. Siverskaya by Ivan Shishkin

Shishkin, is my most favorite artist, his paintings in my opinion, appear before me as living. Looking at them you seem to find yourself in that place, and you feel not only the breeze that may be blowing there, but also the smell of the place around you. This picture shows us a forest full of fairy tales, magic and majesty.

I really like this picture, and the most interesting thing about it is that the artist managed to beautifully draw every detail, not missing any details. I see, as in the photo, every needle in the coniferous tree, I see a lying stone by the stream and a fungus, which is hidden behind a stump and in the grass. In the first place, the tall pine creates a shadow, and their branches recreate the dome above the ground. Somewhere far away, I can see how the pines have blossomed, there is a lot of sun, as a small glade formed.

In my opinion, the artist painted very old pine trees, they are also called the age-old pine trees. Looking at them it seems that they have seen a lot in this place, some are already naked and dried up, without needles, they stand on a level with young trees. In its l = turn, the needles of young pines do not seem to me to be tiny, on the contrary, the artist managed to convey the softness and youth of these trees. Shishkin managed to give us the eternity of nature in his painting. Looking at it, with its trees, it seems to me that life is eternal, although nothing stands still, but it flows, and no matter how hard we do not have to sometimes we need to stand all the adversity.

I really liked this picture, I stood with a sinking breath and looked at it. You can not convey in words all the feelings that you feel looking at her. Compare perennial pine with human destiny could only be a true artist, a master of his craft. And I will come to the exhibition more than once because of these masterpieces. His paintings conquered me.

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