Winter in the Forest (Hoarfrost) by Ivan Shishkin

Winter in the Forest (Hoarfrost) by Ivan Shishkin

The famous artist Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich is considered the singer of the Russian forest. It was thanks to the pictures with the image of the forest in all its forms that he got the greatest fame. He portrayed as a forest in different states, and in different pores of the year. A lot of trees are flooded with sunlight, then covered with snow. It seems that there is no such kind that was not represented by the author.

One of the tops of his work is the painting “Winter in the Wood.” Hoarfrost. ” It shows a beautiful sunny, frosty morning. The rays of light illuminate the snow-covered ground, causing it to shimmer and sparkle with all its beauty. The night was frosty, and all the branches of trees were decorated with white fluffy outfits, and now only glisten in the sun with bright colors. Among the tops of the trees a blue winter sky is visible. Very bright, beautiful, fascinating and cold.

On the right side of the picture the author showed pine trunks in an impenetrable density. And the left edge is rarer. Here the bent trunks of various trees. In the depth of barely noticeably lies a broken tree, almost completely covered with snow. And the middle of the canvas looks like a path. It seems to divide the forest into two parts and in the distance one can see its ending.

The picture is excellent in its liveliness, realism and beauty. This is the forest that surrounds us from all sides. It’s so beautiful to draw every snowy branch, blade of grass, bush, show bends of trees and slender pines, can only truly talented and in love with this beauty man. This is exactly what Ivan Shishkin is.

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