Felling by Ivan Shishkin

Felling by Ivan Shishkin

II Shishkin is a recognized master in the depiction of landscapes. We have the opportunity to admire Russian nature, looking at his beautiful paintings. In the painting “Felling forests” we see a mixed forest, the nature of which is unique. We can find such a nature in the middle belt and in the northern latitudes.

Sky Shishkin painted a delicate, azure-blue color. And to reflect the characteristics of trees, he chose numerous shades of green. The author allows us to admire not only coniferous trees, but also birches. They are so loved by all artists, poets! The artist tried to show as accurately as possible the breed of trees, their age, which can be read by rings on a log. The picture is literally filled with woody, coniferous aroma.

In this picture Shishkin showed a forest glade. Through sprawling spruce suns rays make their way. The pines are painted with mighty, majestic ones. Surprisingly, Shishkin noticed a shade of moss on the trees. It is shown in a saturated, deep green color. And in its structure resembles velvet.

The only harm is broken only by the sawn wood, which the artist painted in the center of the picture. In the distance, we see working people who continue to cut other trees, making workpieces. After their work, the picture of the clearing will completely change, new trees will not grow soon. But this will necessarily happen, because completely man can never subjugate nature. We can only gratefully use her wealth, not forgetting her kindness.

I am very glad that in Russia there are such beautiful places that allow you to plunge into the realm of nature and enjoy it, forgetting about the city bustle. I think that this work once again makes us think about how important it is to love and protect nature.

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