On the beach by Ivan Shishkin

It would be a profound mistake to consider that the Russian artists, the Wanderers, who created in the second half of the nineteenth century, were masters exceptionally acute, that their

The first snow by Ivan Shishkin

Despite the fact that the lyrics were not Shishkin’s element, he gave her tribute. Among Shishkin’s works there is one, by which researchers usually pass. And it is very “Shishkin”,

Rye by Ivan Shishkin

Landscape-painting called “Rye” was painted by the artist in 1878, for its creation was used a vivid manner of painting. The painting causes a feeling of peace. In the foreground

Forest in winter by Ivan Shishkin

The winter forest in I. Shishkin’s drawing is special, asleep. Life seemed to stop there: the river almost completely froze, the trees froze, sprinkled with snow. The color scheme is