Oaks by Ivan Shishkin

Oaks by Ivan Shishkin

II Shishkin is a recognized master of painting. His paintings are very bright, colorful. In his works he shows Russian nature in all its glory. He shows the pine trees graceful, and the oaks – powerful. This love for the native land pervades the whole picture of “Oaks”.

I want to note the general color of the picture. The play of light and shadow surprises with its naturalness. It seems that we are in this clearing in the forest. From the canvas and wails with warmth, the sun. The lighting, which Shishkin showed in the picture, looks just great. Sun rays penetrate through the wide crowns of trees, scatter and illuminate the clearing. Shishkin painted the leaves in the trees with a deep, rich green color. They look like velvet. The trunks of the oaks are shown to be powerful, wide, perennial. They remind me of the Russian epic heroes. Their leaves are patterned, unlike one another.

Depending on how the sunlight falls, they are either obscured by being in the shade or brightly lit by the sun. Through the green crown of oaks we see a summer blue sky. The rays illuminate the clearing, filling it with light, giving it a mustard color. These shadows turned out to be very light, almost weightless. They are very harmoniously fit into the big picture.

The artist painted a narrow path through which people usually walk, resting from everyday vanity and enjoying the scenery. It is impossible not to notice the freshness of the canvas, its color. I think that the author achieved such expressiveness, because he very subtly conveyed light and color in all its manifestations, characteristic for this time of year. The work was very realistic and rich in content. Shishkin, as a true connoisseur of nature, showed it very subtly, reminding that it is unique and should be valued and cherished. Only a true master of his craft can so subtly feel and understand it.

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