Portrait of Ivan I. Shishkin by Ivan Kramskoy

Portrait of Ivan I. Shishkin by Ivan Kramskoy

According to historians and critics, Kramskoy, was famous for his portraits. His portraits reflect those times in which the artist lived. He painted the people of those people who surrounded him. Portraits, which he painted, most accurately reflect the character of a person and his originality. This is the secret of his paintings.

Portrait of Shishkin, painted in 1873, was recognized as one of the best portraits of this artist. Kramskoy respected Shishkin, valued his talent and recognized his work, we can say that for Kramskoy, Shishkin was a friend. For his portrait, the artist invented an unconstrained pose, which most fully reflects the world of Shishkin, who at one time was a recognized landscape painter.

The artist paints Shishkin going out to paint his landscapes from nature. Characterizing his portrait of a transitional moment in the work of Shishkin. To create this image, Vereshchagin depicts both the background, the umbrella, and the stick on which Shishkin leans, and even the sketchpad. Shishkin is dressed in a coat, and boots in boots with a high bootleg. He stands on a clearing and around it the grass grows. Shishkin’s gaze is directed to the distance, he is looking for a place for his landscape. Leaning on the stick in the center of the picture, Shishkin attracts the viewers, not immediately notice that behind his figure is depicted the famous “Shishkin” forest.

Kramskoy portrays Shishkina, in my opinion, as a wise man, or a traveler, or maybe romance in search of inspiration. His wise look, heavy shoulders, everything speaks of the high status of his personality. After all, no one else in my opinion has portrayed in his landscapes native spaces, rich fields, the poetry of streams. It bears the name of the greatest landscape painter, is traced. His paintings beckon us with their kindness and realism. Kramskoy, creating a portrait, did not suspect for certain that he would be able to accurately convey Shishkin’s inner world, that we would penetrate with love and remember what his paintings were.

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