Pines, illuminated by the sun by Ivan Shishkin

Pines, illuminated by the sun by Ivan Shishkin

Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich one of the famous Russian artists, painters, landscape painters worked a lot with sketches. So, he tried to solve various tasks of painting. Many of his sketches simply went beyond the scope of academic work and today are considered to be fully completed works. One of these paintings is his canvas, where he painted pine trees in sunlight. It was written in 1886.

The landscape depicted in the picture is very simple and there is nothing inconspicuous. If you just describe it, many people would not even think that in reality, a real fairy tale is being created on the canvas. A small lawn, shrouded in sunlight, grows large age-old pines. The distance between them is large, so calling it a pine grove will be wrong. The author paid much attention to two pine trees in the foreground. One is more ancient, and the other is younger. By the way shadows fall, you can see that these pines are not the first, but for some reason the author wanted to draw them.

The whole picture is saturated with great sincerity and sincerity. The author has very accurately conveyed colors, shapes, shades. In our time, such a picture can be taken for a photo, so realistic are the smallest details. It feels like Ivan Shishkin painted every small detail: a needle on a pine, a bark on a column, a blade of grass on the ground. How beautifully he painted the sunlight, the shadows from the trees, the glimpses of the blue sky between the branches. It is simply impossible to imagine how much the author needed to invest time and effort in this work.

The work “Pines, illuminated by the sun” by Ivan Shishkin is called one of the most romantic and poetic. You look at it and imagine yourself among those pines, the sun tickles your body, and you inhale the sweet smells of the needles. You for a moment fall asleep and plunge into a fairy world filled with warmth, light and joy. This is a very positive and good work.

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