Snyat-grass. Pargolovo by Ivan Shishkin

Snyat grass. Pargolovo by Ivan Shishkin

Etude “Snyat-grass. Pargolovo” is one of the many “exercises” of the great master of the landscape. Before us is a neglected corner of the garden garden, overgrown with snow-grass. The very name “snyat-grass” can tell a lot.

After all, the word “hiccup” is nothing but a modified Russian word “sned”. This plant and truth in ancient times served as food for our ancestors… Sunlight, picturesque thickets of grass, country fence – that’s all the simple content of the picture.

Why is it difficult to tear off Shishkin’s work? The answer is simple: left by human attention, this small corner is beautiful with its simplicity and naturalness. There, behind the fence, another world, changed by man to suit his needs, and here nature is randomly given the right to be itself… In this is the magic of work, its ingenious simplicity.

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