In the north, wild… by Ivan Shishkin

In the north, wild... by Ivan Shishkin

The painting is based on the same poem by M. Yu. Lermontov.

In the picture, the theme of loneliness is heard. On an inaccessible bare rock, in the midst of pitch darkness, snow and ice, stands a lone pine. The moon illuminates a gloomy gorge and an endless distance covered with snow. It seems that in this kingdom of cold there is nothing alive, everything around froze. numb. But at the very edge of the cliff, desperately clinging to life, a lone pine stands proudly. Heavy flakes of sparkling snow pinned down her branches, pulled down to the ground. But the pine with dignity bears its loneliness, the power of fierce cold is unable to break it.

What is she thinking of, dreaming, standing on the very edge of the cliff? Perhaps, someone who is far from here also staunchly and proudly bears his loneliness, regardless of the chains that prevent their meeting?

The picture is filled with silence and silence, there is a cold, spilled in nature. Unlike other landscapes, this one is rather lyrical, full of subtle emotional feelings.

In the north, wild pine stands alone on the bare top. And drowsing, swinging, and snow-covered with loose clothes, like a rhizome, she. And she dreams of everything that is in the desert far, in the land where the sun is rising, One and sad on the rock of the cliff, the beautiful palm tree grows.

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