Fog in the forest by Ivan Shishkin

Ivan Shishkin approved in the Russian art a forest landscape, showing its possibilities and infinite variety. The artist preferred to depict something permanent in the paintings – nature in the

Winter by Ivan Shishkin

Ivan Shishkin’s painting “Winter” refers to the late period of the artist’s work as a landscape painter who has long dreamed of depicting a winter forest with frozen trees and

Autumn by Ivan Shishkin

In the work “Autumn” Shishkin used a closed type of composition, for which it is characteristic to keep the viewer’s attention within a given limited space. The format of the

Oaks by Ivan Shishkin

II Shishkin is a recognized master of painting. His paintings are very bright, colorful. In his works he shows Russian nature in all its glory. He shows the pine trees

Oak Grove by Ivan Shishkin

The composition of the picture is the image of a dense, densely overgrown and seemingly gigantic lofty and vast oak grove. Thanks to lighting, a special, slightly magical sensation is