Northern Territory by Victor Vasnetsov

Northern Territory by Victor Vasnetsov

The northern regions are boundless expanses, wild nature and clean rivers. This place is untouched by people. Such places can not but cause delight, a storm of emotions and impressions. VM Vasnetsov drew a picture of the “Northern Territory” just under the impression of the local unusual beauties.

I think that such landscapes are typical for the nature of Siberia. Here is a river that flows between impenetrable forests. The picture is drawn from a perspective that allows you to view all the sights. From the very top of the hill a wonderful view opens up.

The artist tried to create an image

of the river cold, icy, as it should be in the northern places. For this, he used cold shades of colors, such as blue, light blue and gray. Winding, the river goes to the horizon. From the picture it seems like a cold that comes from the mountain rivers. A small haze is visible in the air. The forest is depicted in pale green tones. To him, apparently, for many years, he is literally impassable. In such an abandoned area it is almost impossible to meet anyone except for rare birds and animals that are used to harsh conditions.

In the sky, dark, heavy clouds are depicted. Through them, the sun hardly penetrates, which very rarely illuminates this area, so it seems lifeless, harsh and gloomy. The fact that the sun is depicted at sunset is even more indicative of the sombre nature of nature.

The painting depicts the northern edge of a very independent and freedom-loving. Russian nature is shown calm and mysterious, which is very accurately conveyed by the artist with the help of his ingenious techniques. He shows the beauty of this moment, because after sunset the landscape will plunge into the darkness of the night.

Many painters repeatedly resorted to the theme of landscapes, but one of the best is VM Vasnetsov. He manages to discover nature from an unusual, surprising side. Even such moments, which an ordinary person may not have noticed, he shows with an accuracy peculiar only to him.

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