The Tale of the Sleeping Princess by Victor Vasnetsov

The Tale of the Sleeping Princess by Victor Vasnetsov

Vasnetsov Victor Mikhailovich – Russian architect, artist, master of folklore and historical painting. First of all, many are known for their ability to reflect the folk spirit of folklore in painting.

Looking at the picture “A Tale of a Sleeping Princess” I’m carried to the magical world of the unknown. Bright and saturated colors, warm colors – all as in a fairy tale. In the center of the picture, above all others, is the figure of a sleeping princess. Her body is slightly turned towards the spectators. Her arms are wide, her eyes are closed, peace and calm are visible on her face.

According to the stories of the grandmothers, a curse was imposed on the princess and her whole kingdom, and when she pricked the finger with a spindle, the whole kingdom was plunged into a sound sleep. The picture shows how all the subjects are sleeping around the princess. Even beasts, birds, flowers and trees fell asleep with a strong dream of a curse.

Despite many active characters in the picture, the artist very clearly traced every detail. Looking at each person’s face, you can find out the last of his thoughts or actions. They clearly show the nature of the person. In the background, the inner part of the castle and a thick dense forest can be seen. Also, the author emphasized the connection of the princess with the nature of the floral motifs of her dress and all the maids, the decorations of her bed, the images of animals and birds.

The picture of Victor Vasnetsov “The Tale of the Sleeping Princess” takes us to a real and real tale. A person who does not know the background of the picture, and the origin of the time itself on it, might think that all the characters just rest from the busy day and soon wake up, as if nothing had happened. And those who know the continuation of this wonderful fairy tale, one can only hope and believe in a real miracle.

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