The Baptism of Prince Vladimir by Victor Vasnetsov

The Baptism of Prince Vladimir by Victor Vasnetsov

Among the works of VM Vasnetsov devoted to the religious theme, I want to mention the painting “The Baptism of Prince Vladimir”. Before writing this picture, the author studied the manuscripts of the chronicler Nestor for a long time. Thanks to this, the picture is of great historical value, but it is not like writing icons, despite such themes. It is known that the basis of the picture is the legend of the “Tale of Bygone Years”.

In the center of the picture is Prince Vladimir. He sits in a font decorated with a cross. Here the prince is depicted with the same features as in the painting

“The Baptism of Rus.” He is shown in such a way as he was in ordinary life. Not without reason the artist has studied a lot of sources before starting to work. He has a brown beard and the same hair color. They are dissolved. The artist depicted Vladimir’s face as a regular oval shape, his eyes are very concentrated, and his brows are frowned. The whole image speaks of the importance of the decision that has become fatal for the entire state.

The courtiers, standing side by side, hold his luxurious, embroidered with gold, attire. Only it speaks of his noble, royal origin. This event is very large-scale, the picture shows priests who are located to the left of the prince. His army is depicted on the right. Above them rises the dome of a church or church with very beautiful paintings and frescoes. This topic was very close to the artist, so he tried in his works to show everything to the smallest detail, so as not to distort history. From the windows above, the light is pouring.

In general, I believe that this picture is quite light, the artist used many white shades to emphasize the pure intentions and importance of the event. Especially I want to note that the artist showed a different attitude of all these classes to what is happening. Priests fulfill their duties, know submissively looking at the ruler, favorably accepting his decision.

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