A Song about Oleg’s Thing by Victor Vasnetsov

A Song about Olegs Thing by Victor Vasnetsov

The picture of VM Vasnetsov “The Song of the Wise Oleg” is an illustration to the ballad of the same name. The main character in the picture is the prince himself and the wizard, whom he met with the will of fate. For the prince, we see his army, which had to go through many campaigns and fights.

Among the experienced warriors there are also young ones. Behind the sorcerer is a black, gloomy forest. The wizard says something to Oleg, but he listens attentively. The old man predicts Oleg’s fate, it is very difficult, because Oleg is very frowning and wary. The whole army froze in anticipation.

Vasnetsov portrayed the old man as very formidable, majestic. He saw in his lifetime a lot of grief, injustice, so nothing is afraid of anyone. He is dressed in a white long robe tied with a belt. In his hands he has a stick on which he leans. He has gray, thick hair. The whole image speaks of his wisdom.

The old man predicts something terrible, but one must believe and accept it, because the elder is never wrong, he is very experienced. The old man is not even afraid of the prince’s anger, he only says what he sees. He literally reads the book, looking at Oleg’s face, and performs the heavenly will.

Even more gloomy picture gives the forest, located behind the back of the old man. The image of this forest literally even more aggravates the fear of prediction. The artist painted a special contrast, drawing a dense forest and a bright distance, located behind the warriors, from where they came.

It is very unusual that such a courageous warrior will reconcile with the prediction, which says that he will take a death blow from his horse. According to legend, after the death of the horse, after many years, Oleg will find his remains, step on his skull, and from there a snake will crawl out and sting Oleg. The bite will be fatal.

In addition to this picture, VM Vasnetsov often created paintings for ballads and became the founder of a new direction in illustrating literary works.

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