The Battle of Ivan Tsarevich with the Three-Headed Serpent by Victor Vasnetsov

The Battle of Ivan Tsarevich with the Three Headed Serpent by Victor Vasnetsov

We all love to read and listen to fairy tales of the peoples of Russia, because in them always good conquers evil. This theme is reflected in the paintings of many painters. One of them is VM Vasnetsov. He has many paintings on the historical theme, on the topic of fairy tales and bylina.

In this picture, the artist painted a picture of their battle. Ivan Tsarevich is in the foreground, as befits the main character and epic hero. He swings at the evil and treacherous Serpent with his sword. Just Ivan Tsarevich cut off one of the heads to the Serpent, to which he was very angry. He leaves no hope of killing Ivan, but he managed to defend himself in time with a shield. Judging by the look of Ivan Tsarevich, the battle has been going on for a long time, but there is nowhere to retreat and he has no right to make a mistake, because behind him is the princess, who is very frightened by everything that is happening.

The artist painted the picture so that the sun illuminates only Ivan the Prince. I think he did this to show everyone the purity and grace of his intentions and actions. After all, Ivan the Tsarevich dreams of liberating his homeland from uninvited guests, from enemies. He protects children, women and the elderly, who are threatened by the Serpent. Behind the serpent, on the contrary, is depicted a gloomy landscape, dark mountains, a red sunset, similar to blood.

Ivan-Tsarevich is protected by reliable mail, a comfortable sword, a heavy shield. Rich decorations on the shield of Ivan show that he is the future king. During the battle, he had to stand on one knee, the second leg he holds Snake and rests against his stomach. At the right moment, Ivan Tsarevich will cut off the remaining heads and goodness of the Snake, as expected, he will win, the princess will be saved, and the bloodthirsty Serpent can no longer torment people.

In his painting, VM Vasnetsov portrayed the battle at its turning point and showed the strength of both opponents, the victory of good and justice over evil.

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