Tsarevna-nesmejana by Victor Vasnetsov

Tsarevna nesmejana by Victor Vasnetsov

While doing research on Vasnetsov’s work, one can notice an interesting fact. Most often, the work of this artist is turned to folklore. He tries to convey his thoughts to the audience, portraying his heroines as princes.

In the picture we see a girl sitting in the center on a high throne. She thought, her face can be seen with sadness, she looks somewhere in the distance. She propped her head with one hand and casually lowered her second. To the right of the girl, we see a crowd of people who are trying to cheer her, groomsmen, servants, buffoons and other courtiers.

The figure of the girl rises in contrast to the others present in the picture of the heroes. Her clothes are white, stand out in contrast with the depicted dark green colors crowd. The princess in the picture is depicted in a graceful pose.

This picture can be attributed to the late work of the artist, as it was written in 1914-1924. Many historians believe. That Vasnetsov wanted to show Russia’s position at that moment. The throne on which the princess sits is made of ivory, according to popular belief, it symbolizes the center of the world. Columns adorn painted murals.

I like this picture, the princess is depicted realistically. Vasnetsov was able to accurately convey the audience and even let us feel the mood of the picture. Futile attempts to make a laugh laugh, bring her even more upset. The hand with which she propped her head, as if telling us that all this was disgusting her. I want her peace and quiet.

I like Vasnetsov’s paintings, even though they have fairy-tale characters on them, looking at them plunging into their world, where there is no jealousy and lies. Tamm is in harmony and peace.

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