A lady in blue reading a letter by Jan Vermeer

A lady in blue reading a letter by Jan Vermeer

Picture of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer Delft “The lady in blue, reading the letter.” The size of the picture is 46.5 x 39 cm, canvas, oil. A young woman in a blue jacket who usually wore a house, and a yellow dress with a white collar, is completely immersed in reading the letter. She stands at the table, on which lie sheets of paper and a pearl necklace.

The blue color of the jacket is almost repeated in the color of the upholstery of the chairs, the same chair stands in the room in the painting “Music Lesson”. The letter caught the woman in the morning toilet, as indicated by the

pearl necklace on the table. Two chairs and only one character talk about the absence of another person, the map on the wall is probably a symbol of that the native person is far away. The house, both as a building, and as an abstract concept of a “small homeland” was extremely important for the Dutch.

In the 17th century, the inhabitants of the Netherlands fought and traveled a lot, and if the entire outside world belonged to men, the inner world of the house was for women. They embodied such values as family, comfort, prosperity. The picture of the Dutch painter seems so harmonious combination of color and mood that it is difficult to imagine another compositional solution in the narrative of a letter from afar.

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