Self-portrait by Jan Vermeer

Supposed self-portrait of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer Delftsky. Self-portrait is part of the painting “At the Vault”. The size of the painting is 143 x 130 cm, canvas, oil.

Geographer by Jan Vermeer

Painting of the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer of Delft “Geographer”. The size of the painting is 52 x 46 cm, canvas, oil. In the paintings of the Dutch artist “Astronomer”

Allegory of Faith by Jan Vermeer

The painting, which differs from other works of the artist in unusually large dimensions, contains an unambiguous symbolic message. Located in the foreground is a richly embroidered curtain, similar to

Love Letter by Jan Vermeer

Picture of the Dutch master of painting, Jan Vermeer Delft, “Love Letter”. The size of the painting is 44 x 38.5 cm, canvas, oil. This work of the Dutch painter