A girl trying on a necklace by Jan Vermeer

A girl trying on a necklace by Jan Vermeer

Picture of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer Delft “Girl, trying on a necklace.” The size of the painting is 55 x 45 cm, canvas, oil. Pearls in European classical painting have a somewhat inconsistent iconography. On the one hand, it was a sign of vanity and coquetry. But at the same time pearls symbolized virginity.

In the hands of a woman there are ribbons of necklaces. In the 17th century jewelery fasteners were not invented yet, and such decorations were simply tied with ribbons. The yellow curtain on the window is in harmony with the color of the girl’s clothes, the combination of yellow

and dark blue gives the picture a color finish. The illuminated wall unites parts of the left and right parts of the picture.

The girl’s elegant hairstyle, decorated with ribbons, earrings in the form of a single pearl, emphasizes her high social status. This picture Katarina Bolnes, wife of Vermeer, kept in her bedroom, and until the last did not want to sell after the death of the artist. Therefore, it is believed that the picture depicts it. In the early sixties, during the creation of the painting “A Girl Trying on a Necklace,” Catarina was about 33 years old, probably Vermeer painted her on a canvas somewhat younger.

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