Fisherman by Vasily Perov

Fisherman by Vasily Perov

The artist painted this picture in 1871. It displays not an event, but an action. The work is written in bright colors, which makes it realistic. Depicting the craft of fishing, as it was done at that time, and possibly still doing. The artist himself loved fishing, and the whole process that concerns fishing was familiar to him. Generally Perov succeeded in the glory of the picture, in which he depicted the life of ordinary people and their morals.

In the picture we see an old man who has a surprise on his face. A bright scarf tied around the angler’s neck attracts attention. Surprisingly, the artist

painted the main character, not a peasant or a worker, but a man who lives in prosperity and is engaged in fishing in his spare time. The man is very neatly dressed and looks good. In his eyes there is no fatigue or longing, on the contrary his gaze is playful and unconstrained, it is clear that he is passionate about the process. Also attracts the attention of a number of fishing utensils. In the picture, everything is depicted in such a way that if an old man suddenly needs something, he will easily take it and he does not need to reach out.

Behind the artist has depicted another fisherman who looks with envy at his rival and imposes a worm more succinctly, in the hope of catching a big fish to show off to the old man. If you look closely, you can see birch trees on the background of the morning sky.

Perov wanted to remind us of his picture of the harmony and unity of man with nature, that we need to be distracted from the bustle of the city more often paying attention to our hobbies. With all the variety of computer games, we have forgotten how to appreciate the present, and are accustomed to live in a virtual world and be friends with virtual friends. We have developed a dependence on the virtual world.

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