Youth. Morning by Arkady Plastov

Youth. Morning by Arkady Plastov

Many artists were attracted by the life scenes of the common people. How they work, relax, celebrate. About ten thousand paintings dedicated to this subject Plastov Arkady Alexandrovich. He was inspired by the village life.

I really like the picture from this subject “Youth. Morning.” The author showed us a beautiful landscape of a summer morning. A large, endless field sown with grain. Spikelets are already big, but still green. In the distance, on the horizon darkens the forest. And the top of the picture is occupied by a gray sky. It has not yet woken up after the summer night and does not want to appear because of the clouds. They are a little thick, but not at all scary.

Most attracted the attention of the foreground of the picture. Here on a small piece of unplanted field lies a boy. He took off his cardigan and shirt and lay down on his fresh morning dew with his bare back. One hand is powerlessly located next to him, and the other he covered his face from the bright sunlight, which, apparently, broke through the shroud of clouds. Not far from him sits and watches the owner of his loyal friend, the dog. On the meadow grows many flowers and plants. One of the most famous is kul-baba. It was already completely dissolved, and if a breeze had blown, hundreds of small parachutes would fly into the air.

The picture is very kind bright and clean. After viewing it remains a feeling of joy and freshness.

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