Antibes in the morning by Claude Monet

Antibes in the morning by Claude Monet

“Antibes in the Morning” is a beautiful picture of the world famous French artist Claude Monet. Monet is a prominent representative and one of the founders of impressionism. A distinctive feature of his works is their lightness and airiness, they are made with very smooth strokes. Many of his paintings are made in fairly bright colors.

Antibes is a small resort town located in the south-east of France, distinguished by its indescribable beauty. Bright masterfully selected colors in which the landscape is made, immediately attract the viewer’s attention to the picture. The foreground shows a section of a rock on which a tree and several shrubs grow. Foliage on plants shines gold in the rays of dawn. From this cliff offers unparalleled views of Antibes, which is located in the distance, by the sea.

Gentle and smooth transitions of shades of foliage, turquoise sea spaces, the sun, reflected in every part of the landscape – all this can not leave the viewer indifferent, this kind of warms the soul. If you carefully examine the picture, you can see that the objects depicted do not have an outline. Monet used his own method for such an air effect, he applied smear after smear, making the borders of objects a little blurry, in the same way he achieved smooth transitions between different colors.

In the background, the silhouette of the mountains blends seamlessly with the bright morning sky. The foliage of the plants, reflecting sunlight in each leaflet, is perfectly combined with the color of the sky. Such combinations make the canvas light and atmospheric. All this makes the landscape alive, the foliage of trees seems to sway from the wind blowing from the sea, and the sun’s rays create millions of glare, reflecting from it.

The whole canvas is soaked through with the sun, it is everywhere, in the city, in the mountains, in the sea, all this southern air is filled with its warmth. The sun makes even the coldest colors, such as in the sea, seem warmer. This landscape seems to carry the viewer into that little piece of paradise in France, making him feel the joy and warmth that radiates every bit of this place.

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