Mama by Arkady Plastov

Mama by Arkady Plastov

The most dear and dear person in the world is mother. No matter how old you are and wherever you are, your mother always thinks and cares about you. Maternity is a very hard work that brings every woman inexpressible joy. It is this feeling that we can observe in the picture of Arkady Plastov “Mama”.

We see a woman who wants to feed the baby. She is sitting on the bed. With one hand, she pulled the cradle with the baby to her, and with the other pulled out her breasts and prepared to feed. Nearby is another child. The girl is already more adult. She helps mom hold the cradle, and in her other hand holds a teddy bear. Probably, this is her favorite toy, with which she always plays. Both mother and daughter are dressed in white dresses. They are very bright and clean. Perhaps this author wanted to emphasize once again the triumph of motherhood.

Behind the woman is a mountain of bright red pillows. The peasants have this evidence of a good not poor life. And red is the color of love. Thus, the author showed the infinity of maternal love for children. The bed is also decorated with slotted embroidery. On it lies a blue blanket and a bottle of milk. A picture hangs on the wall, and a window branch decorated with a sprig of rowan. The whole room is very bright and bright. There is not any sadness and sadness. Only tenderness and love.

How many years have passed since the painting of the picture… Nowadays, there are no beds with iron sides. Lullaby suspended from the ceiling. Even a pillow so no one folds, except that the old grandmothers in the village. But motherhood itself is unchanged. No matter what time, mother always remains mother. The most beloved and dear. That person who will always find time for us.

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