Tractor driver’s dinner by Arkady Plastov

Tractor drivers dinner by Arkady Plastov

Plastov Arkady Alexandrovich – one of the famous Soviet painters. In his paintings the genre scene is always described lyrically. She never thinks outside the landscape or the beauty of nature. There is also the absence of any particular moment or conflict, but the poetic side of the image is very expressive. All these features can be observed by examining the picture of A. Plastov “Dinner tractor driver.”

There is an event in the picture in the evening. This moment was very beautifully and simply miraculously conveyed by the author with the help of sky and shadows. The sun is almost gone and only because of the thick clouds its last rays are visible. They still touch the shoulder of a young tractor driver waiting for his dinner. In the dark, plowed land, one can see how much work has been done by these working people and it is time for rest.

In the foreground of the picture we see a young woman and two tractor drivers. She brought them dinner. Perhaps these are her relatives, who worked all day in the field. It is visible as she pours milk, and the man cuts bread. The young man lies cheerfully watching what is happening. Labor Day is coming to an end. The evening air feels cool and fresh. It seems so quiet that you can even hear the milk pouring from the jug, the grass rustling, and the breeze filled with the delicate aroma of flowers and grass.

The author in his painting “The Dinner of the Tractor Driver” showed the simple, calm, moderate life of rural people. They work all day, and in the evening they rest and gain strength before the new working day. And all this is so familiar and at the same time so hard. Human labor is very hard. And the author, without exaggeration, showed the tired faces of people, but at the same time they were calm. A large plowed field stretches to the edge of space. Then this land in gratitude for the work will give a good harvest. I think A. Plastov wants to show the beauty and miracle of a simple life and that there is a reward for all the works.

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