Spring by Arkady Plastov

Spring by Arkady Plastov

Renowned Russian artist Plastov Arkady Alexandrovich lived all his life in one, native village. On his canvases, he most of all depicted fellow villagers, their life, customs, time, and even the transformation of the village. Any of his paintings is a stage in the life of a simple rural person.

The picture of a spring shows us a man and a woman drinking water from a spring. It’s a hot summer day outside. The sun has risen very high and pleases with its warm nature from a cloudless sky. Apparently, the man and the woman worked in the field. Perhaps they were harvesting and very tired of the heat. The only salvation for them was a spring in the steppe, which was enclosed so as not to become overwhelmed. Around the spring is very beautiful and green. Plants in this heat always need water, and here it is near.

Dressed people in a simple way. The woman has a light summer dress and a scarf laid next to her, which covered her head. She washes her face with nice cool water. The man is wearing pants and a shirt. On the head cap. He has scooped up water and wants to drink. Behind them is a motorcycle. On it, they came to the spring.

A simple and wonderful picture showed an episode from the life of a rural people. How many beautiful and wonderful things can be fantasized by looking at this beauty. It seems to me that many came to this spring and not only in the heat. Some just relax, others think, and the author portray the masterpieces of art.

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