The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

The picture was painted by Jan Vermeer about 1658-1660 years. “Thrush” is released in the middle of Dutch painting his own compositional simplicity. The theme of daily life already was rising earlier painters such as De Hooch and Terborch, but Vermeer was able to make a unique product.

The figure of the lady with the pitcher right stands out from the empty snow-white walls. Unlike his predecessors, Vermeer intensively uses precise contours. For more expressive loop back even allocated a narrow snow-white line.

With the help of X-ray found out that on the wall of the painter first arranged a certain subject, perhaps it was a map. It is for certain it is not clear what prompted Vermeer throw wall naked, maybe he did it so as not to load the picture symbols, or simply a snow-white wall seemed to him more expressive background for the figure.

In 1669 the painting was sold for a huge sum in those days – 175 florins. Expensive been estimated only “View of Delft”. The auction catalog 1719 feature was given to her, “the famous work hand Vermeer Delft, a true work of art.” At the moment the picture is at the Amsterdam Municipal Museum.

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