The Guitar Player by Johannes Vermeer

The Guitar Player by Johannes Vermeer

In the picture we see a young man of 18-20 years with a snow-white, but slightly rosy cheeks, skin, wavy hair and a neat mustache. Putting a simple chord strumming it easy to tune. The position of his head, you can assume that during the game for a few seconds he looked up from the tool to look at the audience. This guy most likely from a noble family, which we guess facial features, delicate fingers and clothes.

Not surprisingly, by the way, that the guitarist is wearing a bathrobe, which we can see in many scenes Tropinin. He casually draped over as casually unbuttoned the top button on his shirt and the cuffs. Such clothing expresses the slow pace and regularity of Moscow life, as well as the ease and freedom of thought, which are inherent to this person.

It is worth paying attention to the tool. Masterfully made guitar tuners which are gilded, and the Back and sides are made of solid wood, probably worth quite a lot, which once again confirms the social position of the musician in the picture.

The pictures with the image of a guitarist extremely liked not only the public but also to the author himself. For this reason, over the years they have been written, a large number of portraits, similar to that described above. It apparently shows a graph Morkov in his youth. “Guitarist in the shirt” – another name Tropinina painting “Guitarist”.

There is in this way is something that has always been and causes pleasant associations: it is possible, guitar, just to gain popularity at that time, and perhaps the manner and style of the painting, which portrayed without frills and frills clean and simple plot.

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