Self-portrait by El Greco

Self-portrait of the Spanish artist El Greco. The size of the picture is 53 x 47 cm, canvas, oil. El Greco Domenico, a Spanish artist. A Greek by origin. Information

The Last Supper by El Greco

The Bologna National Picture Gallery houses a small unfinished painting written by El Greco during the brief period when he was in Venice. This is one of the first works

Mount Sinai by El Greco

Perhaps this painting was painted by the artist Domenico Theotokopuli, who became world famous under the name of El Greco, commissioned by Fulvio Orsini, the librarian of Cardinal Allesandro Farnese,

Annunciation by El Greco

Painting of the Spanish painter El Greco “Annunciation”. The size of the picture is 114 x 66 cm, canvas, oil. Features of El Greco’s creativity, which found a detailed embodiment

The Apostle Peter by El Greco

The apostle Peter, the “prince of the apostles”, called Simon, along with his brother Andrew, was a simple Galilean fisherman. At the call of Christ, they followed, leaving their craft,

Adoration of the Magi by El Greco

In the eighteenth century, this painting was attributed to Giovanni Lanfransso, and later to the Bazzano family. Since 1951, El Greco’s authorship has been officially accepted, but nevertheless, there is

The Baptism of Christ by El Greco

The huge, elongated canvas “Christening of Christ” is the only picture that is reliably known that it belonged to the altar cycle written by El Greco for the school of