Mary Magdalene by El Greco

Painting of the Spanish artist El Greco “Mary Magdalene”. The size of the picture is 157 x 121 cm, canvas, oil. Mary Magdalene, one of the myrrh-bearers, the most faithful

Holy Trinity by El Greco

The picture “Trinity” was written by El Greco in 1577, and belongs to one of the first works of the artist, created after his move to Spain. It was originally

Saint Veronica by El Greco

El Greco several times turned to the theme of the sacred scarf. In the painting, written about 1579, the thoughtful gaze of the aristocratic St. Veronica is diverted to the

Immaculate Conception by El Greco

The artistic style of the late El Greco is unique and dynamic. He is characterized by a clear movement from naturalism to mystical penetration. The artist’s craving for lengthening and

Resurrection by El Greco

The painting “Resurrection” was written by El Greco for the side altar of the church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo, probably in 1577-1579, immediately after the completion of the Central