Annunciation by El Greco

Annunciation by El Greco

Painting of the Spanish painter El Greco “Annunciation”. The size of the picture is 114 x 66 cm, canvas, oil. Features of El Greco’s creativity, which found a detailed embodiment in the painting “The Burial of Count Orgas”, were reflected in such works of the artist as “Saint Martin and the Beggar”, “Annunciation” and many others. Annunciation is good, joyful news.

On the feast day of the Annunciation, Christians recall the proclamation by Archangel Gabriel in the Galilean city of Nazareth to the Blessed Virgin Mary, recently before this betrothed with

Joseph, the secrets of the incarnation from Her God-Word. In the church service of this holiday various circumstances of this event are depicted. Troparions of the canon represent, as it were, the conversation of the archangel Gabriel with the Most Holy Virgin. Since from the time of the seedless conception of the Son of God the beginning of the salvation of the human race is supposed, the Church on the day of the Annunciation repeatedly proclaims: “The day of our salvation is the headache and the phenomenon from eternity of the mystery…”.

The Feast of the Annunciation belongs to the most ancient holidays in honor of the Theotokos. The instructions for the celebration of the Annunciation were preserved in testimonies from the IV century. First of all, the celebration of the Annunciation was established, it is assumed, in Constantinople.

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