Winter. The girl at the window by Alexander Deineka

Winter. The girl at the window by Alexander Deineka

Deineka Alexander Alexandrovich is one of the few artists who managed to devote himself to both technology and art. He could simultaneously obtain knowledge in the railway school, and in the art studio. His author has always found use for his talent. Even serving in the Red Army during the Revolution, he, with the help of art, conducted an intensified propaganda. In his works he invested the soul and life of his people.

My attention was drawn to his painting “Winter: A Girl by the Window”. At once it seemed to me some dark, dark and even unfinished. But, apparently, this is its appeal. In the foreground we see a room with a large window. A girl is standing next to him and looks thoughtfully at the street. Near her feet on a small mat sleeping cat. Apparently, the battery generates heat and is very pleased with it. On one side of the window hang curtains. They have a horizontal pattern of different colors. The only bright spot of the room is the girl’s socks, they are pure white compared to other things. The whole room is depicted in darkness or darkness. It is necessary to look very closely to see everything there.

The complete opposite of the room is the view from the window. He goes to the park. There are many trees, bushes and a shop for rest. All this spectacle is covered with a thick layer of snow. It is depicted in a cold white color. Even it seems that there is a radiance from the light falling on the trees. Looking at the distant view, we can assume that the street is dark, but the snow is so clean and bright that it is lighter there than in the room. It is on this bright background that the dark figure of the girl is very well drawn.

The picture impresses with its expressiveness and sharpness at the beginning of the viewing and captivates, leaving a pleasant feeling when you study it carefully. Perhaps this is not the most beautiful work of the author, but according to emotional feelings, in my opinion, one of the best.

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