Girl by the Window by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Girl by the Window by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

The traditional name is “Girl by the Window”, although this is clearly studio work and a window sill on which the model leaned, nothing more than a shelf or stand. However, nothing can detract from the charm of this seemingly unassuming picture, which has long been very popular.

The surprisingly free manner of writing distinguishes it from carefully executed custom-made works, while achieving a sense of psychological depth – such a letter is becoming more and more characteristic for Rembrandt. Especially fascinating facial expression; it seems that it changes slightly under our gaze –

as if the girl is smiling.

It sometimes recognized the housekeeper and girlfriend of the artist Hendrickje Stoffels, although it is believed that she appeared in Rembrandt’s house not earlier than 1647. However, this version can not be excluded, despite the fact that the image can hardly be given nineteen years.

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