Winter landscape by Igor Grabar

Winter landscape by Igor Grabar

Winter is the coldest season in the year. But if you do not take into account this shortcoming, it becomes the most amazing. How much light, purity, freshness there are in it. It seems to me that Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar admired this occasion with inspiration. His painting. “Winter Landscape” shows all the delights of this time.

The painting depicts his favorite birches, which, as it were, embrace with small Christmas trees on a snow-covered forest glade. A very beautiful and clear sky is written in colder tones, which even more conveys the winter time. From the shadows of the trees one can understand that only recently the sun has risen, and the author worked in the morning. The day promises to be sunny and bright.

In the foreground of the picture are a young birch curve and dried fir. The artist very carefully sketched a white-birch birch, and thin lines of bare branches of crippled fir. The author also devoted a lot of time to the snow. How admiringly he passed his color, which seems not white, but cool blue. The background is decorated with thin-barked birch beauties with fluffy evergreen firs. Covered with hoarfrost and shimmering in the sun, they seem to open their arms to the day that has come.

Looking at this picture can not measure the delight and joy of the charm and beauty of nature. The depicted winter morning in I. Grabar’s painting “Winter Landscape” simply falls in love with itself and its creator. It seems to me that this is the most ordinary, but at the same time extraordinarily miraculous work of the author. He so realistically portrayed what he saw, that looking at this work of art, you can feel the frosty cool all over your body.

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