Evening interior by Stanislav Zhukovsky

Evening interior by Stanislav Zhukovsky

In the picture of S. Yu. Zhukovsky “Evening Interior” we see a large spacious room, in the center of which sits a young girl at the piano. The girl is dressed in a white long dress, which gives her an aristocratic background. Her dark hair was neatly packed into the fashionable hairstyle of that time.

With one hand the girl leans against the chair on which she sits, supporting her head. The girl’s eyes are covered. Her, with a slight inclination of posture, indicates that she is very tired, and is ready to sink into a sweet daze. Before her, there are notes on the piano. It seems that she diligently studied all day, memorizing musical compositions. On the wall above the piano hangs a large portrait in a thick frame. It shows a man in a dress coat. Near the piano is a carved soft brown chair. He has a wide back and small legs.

Behind the girl there is a large window with a wooden frame. There is another chair beside the window. We can assume that it is intended for reading, as the window has good daylight. On the left side of the girl there is a massive wooden door that opens the view to another room with such large windows.

The day is gradually coming to its end. On the wall near the piano the sunset reflects, the rays of which have filtered through the windows that are invisible to the viewer on the opposite wall from the piano. The floor in the room is shiny, and because of the rays of the sun reflected in it, it seems glossy. From the nearby window, so much light falls on it, leaving a long, long, bright strip all over the room. In the middle of the room is a large carpet of natural linen. The whole room is characterized by some pretentiousness in an interesting combination with the simplicity of antiques.

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