Blind by Arkady Plastov

Blind by Arkady Plastov

Plastov Arkady Aleksandrovich famous Soviet painter. Many of his paintings are devoted to the lives of poor peasants. The painting “Blind People” awakens a storm of emotions and regret for those poor people.

On the canvas, the author showed a small peasant village. Old houses, wooden. In the foreground we see the open window of a small house. From it a woman gives something to a boy. Behind him are a man and a woman. They hold sticks in their hands, it helps them to move, since they see nothing. Blind peasants are dressed very poorly. On their feet are bast shoes.

A woman in a white blouse and blue skirt, tied with an apron. On a man from a rough material pants and jacket. Perhaps the boy is their son or just an assistant guide. He goes and begs for alms. He is also poor, in a simple shirt and rubbed pants. Near it is a basket with a previously given meal. Further along the path you can see more children and poultry. There is a little calf behind the blind. He attentively examines people and seems to be listening to their conversation.

From the yellowish leaves in the trees and grass, it can be understood that autumn is depicted. From this it becomes even sadder, as soon the cold will come and, perhaps, this family has nowhere to spend the winter.

Colorful pictures give color, but the plot is very sad. The life of the peasants was not easy. This is what the artist wanted to convey to us.

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