Brook in the birch forest by Ivan Shishkin

Brook in the birch forest by Ivan Shishkin

The remarkable work of I. I. Shishkin “A stream in the birch forest” was painted by a landscape painter in 1883. Currently, the painting is in the property of the graphic arts of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. This picture shows a delightful birch forest. Beautiful, mast, birch trees that go into the sky, fascinating and captivating with their calmness and at the same time their majesty and inaccessibility. Wherever our gaze is turned, everywhere we meet the image of birches. Moreover, each image is not only written out by a magnificent, ingenious master, but it is individual by nature.

Each tree has its own character, its unique, unique features. The birch forest is depicted as a dense, impenetrable wall. It seems that the picture is not enough air, perhaps that there is no sense of openness, boundlessness and freedom. But this is not what. The picture has a different meaning, another aesthetic content. The meaning is enclosed and, in a way, even compressed into this special natural force, a dense, birch wall that appeared and stretched an endless landscape. High trees are ready to defend and protect from any bad weather, squally wind or other kind of misfortune. The landscape is written in the beautiful manner of the academic fine arts school.

Each grass-mutant is prescribed, the canvas breathes, entirely impregnated with vital energy, sunlight and summer heat. The landscape is perceived by the continuation of life itself, Russian nature – that’s what the life of a Russian person with a heartfelt, free generous soul and a living, feeling heart should be. The landscape looks alive, sincere and truthful. The creek is barely discernible, barely perceptible among the common surrounding greenery, the grass that has grown in the wild forest nature, free and unapproachable. The painting draws and plunges into its magical boundaries, the boundaries of beauty. So you want to enter the picture, feel the touch of warm air, nice grassy flooring, feel the sunlight and warmth. An interesting way is the light, which seems to slide through the trees. He is somewhere brighter, somewhere less saturated, somewhere soft warm shades,

Illuminated areas seem to be watered, impregnated with shades of yellow, as if soaked in the sun itself. This landscape is a kind of quiet melody, as quiet, peaceful, unhurried and pleasant as the sound of a running creek. The painting draws before us a calm, peaceful state of nature. The textural decisions on the canvas have been handed over in a special way: the surface of the birch, and the dense crown of birch leaves, the grass written out in fine, delicately academic strokes. The white mill of birch beauties seems to glow, reflecting the summer day, making the wind sound, awakening the sound of birds. The very manner of applying smears resembles a game of live colors, a living pulsation of matter. As small particles, the sun plays through the luminescence between the birch leaves. The whole sky seemed to be covered with a soft birch edge.

Birches in the distance increase the feeling of watercolor picture, the layers of oil paint are usually quite dense, as usual, but the picture does not look heavier or airless, on the contrary, in the landscape there is a certain softness and tonal harmony of lines and colors and compositional solutions. Birches are located quite densely, close to each other, elusive, retreating into the distance, deep into perspective. There is more dark here, which gives a feeling of privacy, quiet reclusive life. Light reminds the ripples on the water, flowing overflows, representing an unstable gradation of light and shadow, a game of contrasts. I want to see the landscape, to penetrate into its essence and flesh, to take an interest in every vein, every blade of grass, seeing in everything in this the rapid movement of life, the softness and soulfulness of the natural world of the Central Russian band.

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