Black lines by Vasily Kandinsky

The painting “Black Lines” is a lyrical work. Delicate pastel colors form a background where the colors shimmer, bright colorful spots do not look frozen and amorphous, they stopped for

Composition IX by Vasily Kandinsky

“Composition IX” stands out among the other abstract compositions of the artist and some critics tend to classify it as surrealistic canvases. However, Kandinsky denied any influence of surrealism on

Composition VI by Vasily Kandinsky

Composition VI expresses the possibility of being caused by a major catastrophe. In this work, the destruction of the material world is determined by the forms and phenomena disintegrating before

Dominant curve by Vasily Kandinsky

Vasily Kandinsky left Germany in 1933, when the Nazis came to power. The ideologists of fascism sharply condemned the new trends in painting, the “degenerate art” was persecuted, the pictures

Moscow II by Vasily Kandinsky

“Moscow II”, written by Kandinsky in 1916 – one of the most beautiful paintings of the “Russian period”, located in private collections. The turbulent events that brought the artist back