Composition IX by Vasily Kandinsky

Composition IX by Vasily Kandinsky

“Composition IX” stands out among the other abstract compositions of the artist and some critics tend to classify it as surrealistic canvases. However, Kandinsky denied any influence of surrealism on his work.

The wide diagonal color bands in the background are the basis for biomorphicity and geometric shapes that seem to soar above them.

“Composition IX” is distinguished by its decorative qualities in comparison with the emotional depth and expressiveness of its early compositions.

This is one of the brightest and most memorable creations of the artist. There is so much harmony, color and light, which strengthen the emotional depth of perception. This picture is like a holiday, like the triumph of beauty over ordinary life. These were not the happiest years in the history of Europe, the Nazis in Germany, fascism in Italy and everything is rolling towards the beginning of the Second World War. The picture is not a departure from the bleak everyday life, it is a dream of a normal life…

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