Black lines by Vasily Kandinsky

Black lines by Vasily Kandinsky

The painting “Black Lines” is a lyrical work. Delicate pastel colors form a background where the colors shimmer, bright colorful spots do not look frozen and amorphous, they stopped for a moment to start moving again. Such a picturesque reception gives a feeling of life, changeability of moods.

And the black light strokes create a fragile reality, which is also changing. These air lines are also in motion, they slide on a colorful background, not merging with it. Somewhere they resemble living beings, such small fluffy insects that rejoice in the sun and bright flowering surroundings.


network of thin, agitated lines indicates a graphic, two-dimensional sensitivity, while floating, trembling forms form different spatial depths.

It is difficult to find a plot in this picture. Like all abstractions, it conveys the artist’s momentary sensation, his perception of reality. Therefore, such moments enter into eternity and remain a reflection of that life, far removed from us by the diffuse reality of the past century…

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