Coast with boats in the Over on the River Oise by Vincent Van Gogh

Coast with boats in the Over on the River Oise by Vincent Van Gogh

The picture “Coast with boats in the Over on the River Oise” was written after the transfer of Vincent Van Gogh to Auvers-sur-Oise in the province of Ile-de-France near Paris. The artist in this picture emotionally deeply conveys the state of nature. How freshly transmitted this lyrical landscape with its soft sunlight and clear air of Ile-de-France.

The artist painted a river bank with several boats, on which anyone can make a romantic walk on the water. Now a man and a woman are already seated in a boat, another woman is waiting in another boat, waiting for her companion.

Van Gogh even passes the fashion of that time: the women in a white long fitted dress and in yellow hats, and the man is dressed in a blue suit with a black hat. From the shore, over the water, lush trees hang, written by a flickering brush that is characteristic of the artist. This is how the light breeze of this beautiful morning is transmitted. It seems that the trees are swaying in the wind and you can already hear the noise of rustling leaves. The smooth surface of the river is rippled, which is depicted by long horizontal strokes of blue-green hues.

Multicolored boats are a bright center of composition surrounded by a harmonious landscape. The blue color of the sky resembles the color of greenery and water, while water is a reflection of all surrounding colors. The painting is filled with a vibration of color and light, conveys the romantic mood of the artist at the time of this painting. The picture is pleasant for contemplation and causes a state of peace of mind.

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