Boats in Saint-Marie by Vincent Van Gogh

Boats in Saint Marie by Vincent Van Gogh

The technique of writing this magnificent canvas by recognized master Vincent van Gogh is very different from the way he wrote his other works. Here the viewer does not see the usual random wide swabs for him, the picture is full of lightness, airiness, carefully written out small details. The artist painted a quiet beach with boats on it.

Van Gogh chose very bright and juicy shades for writing the painting “Fishing boats on the beach in Saint-Marie”. Multicolored boats are full of numerous colors amidst golden sand and clear blue waves. The sky is covered with light white clouds, a feeling is created that a strong wind will soon begin to blow.

Accurately and clearly, with the outlines of the contours are written boats, which are in the sea a little way off the beach. Sufficiently detailed are the artist’s depictions of their masts and gear. An attentive spectator can notice a golden chest shining in the sun. And to the left of the sand is another.

The waves are getting stronger, it seems that soon they will take the boats and take them away to the sea. Although Vincent van Gogh in the painting “Boats in Saint-Marie” did not depict a single person, the sense of reasonableness and meaningfulness of the elements of the canvas does not leave the viewer for a minute. All nature and objects created by human hands are shown by the author alive, and boats, like some fairy-tale creatures, dare to make a path full of dangers through the huge sea, just waiting for suitable weather and tailwind.

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